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    Traffic Volume Counts 3.1 INTRODUCTION Traffic volume studies are conducted to determine the number, movements, and classifications of roadway

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    Traffic Counting Suppliers & traffic counter Manufacturers Directory. Source Top Quality Traffic Counting Suppliers, traffic counter Companies, traffic camera ...

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    Temporary Traffic Counter. Accurate vehicle counts; No tubes, locks or chains needed; Easy installation and low maintenance; 15 speed / 8 length categories

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    Copyright © 2000 General Traffic Equipment Corp. 259 Broadway, Newburgh, New York 12550 Tel: 845-569-9000 • Fax: 845-569-1800 •

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    Products. TRAFx counting equipment is for government agencies and organizations who manage public lands, parks, and infrastructures. Our current G3 ...

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ArgusITMS Provides a "GREEN" Traffic Monitoring Solution to SJTA


ArgusITMS Traffic Volume roadside detectors are designed to operate in stringent ALL-HAZARDS environments. Green Stand-alone solutions provide cost effective traffic surveillance and notifcation to travelers.

traffic counting equipment


There is a wide variety of traffic counting equipment, which include magnetic detection vehicle counters, wireless magnetic field detection vehicle counters, pressure hose vehicle counters, inductive burial loop vehicle counter, radar based vehicle counter with LCD displays, and manual operated vehicle counters.


Traffic counting equipment is used for various reasons, e.g., to conduct traffic surveys (who is driving where).Traffic count data should also show WHO is driving their cars not just give a total number of how many in a given period. If you know who is passing by on a regular basis, you can open a store that suits that passing traffic. For example, if you notice there are many women passing by daily, a good idea would be to open a beauty salon or a store women can see themselves walking in.


Traffic data counts are collected periodically – short term traffic counts may last only 48 hours while long term traffic counts may last 2 weeks. States are required to collect traffic counts on roadways throughout the state. Traffic data is typically conducted during the busiest times of the day, typically during rush hour traffic in the morning and early evening.


This will help the State, along with the federal government, to determine how much the State will receive in funding for additional roads and road repair. If a particular roadway is congested, the Sate might want to build additional roads to divert some of the traffic to keep the traffic flowing at a constant pace.


Traffic count equipment is a valuable tool for all those who want to conduct traffic count data, which include educational institutions, contractors, design engineers, real estate agencies, government and private institutions.


The importance of traffic count data cannot be underestimated when understanding traffic volume in an area. Traffic counting equipment is needed to determine the status of an areas traffic condition and what steps should be taken to improve driving conditions.




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Traffic Volume

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